Man on city street in mask making stop gesture

How COVID-19 Disinformation Goes Viral

, Research Analyst

Disinformation is like a deadly virus. It originates from an initial source, replicates and spreads outwards, and can result in harm and death. Disinformation—false statements and images that have been intentionally manufactured—is a particularly virulent form of misinformation that can spread faster and with even more destruction. This has been especially true during the COVID-19 era, during which disinformation is so rampant that established scientific concepts continue to be distrusted, such as the value of mask wearing and the need for large-scale testing. Read more >

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Woman standing outdoors in protective mask, with newspaper headlines about COVID-19 surrounding her

Don’t Be Deceived: How to Spot and Stop COVID-19 Disinformation

, Lead science and policy analyst

Today, UCS launched a new online resource with tips on how to spot and stop the spread of disinformation around COVID-19. Disinformation (intentionally false or misleading information) is especially dangerous when it happens during a public health crisis. Its spread can undermine the recommendations of public health officials, for example, making people less likely to take science-based precautions that protect their health and diminishing their trust in expert guidance. Read more >

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