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ExxonMobil Execs Care More About Dodging Responsibility for Climate Damages Than Preventing More Harm

Dr. Rick Hammer, Associate Professor Biology, Hardin-Simmons University, , UCS

I had the privilege of attending the ExxonMobil annual shareholders’ meeting on May 29th in Dallas, Texas. As a scientist focused on urban ecology and biodiversity in the context of the sustainability of urban greenspaces in my home state of Texas, I attended the meeting with a question for ExxonMobil CEO Darren Woods. Read more >

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ACCCE, NERA, and Another Misleading Study about the Clean Power Plan

, Senior energy analyst

UPDATE (March 28, 2017): The Trump administration has signed an executive order to dismantle, halt, or slow down many climate policies that have been years in the making, including the Clean Power Plan. As part of its litany of bad justifications for doing reckless things, the administration cites a deficient fossil fuel-funded study as a reason for the CPP rollback—the same study whose flaws we pointed out in the post below. Read more >

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Don’t Be Deceived by ALEC’s Special Interest Agenda

, former director, California & Western States

When the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) arrives in San Diego on July 22 for its annual meeting, the agenda will include efforts to undermine clean energy and climate policies that are widely supported by the people of California. Yet the public won’t know what is discussed at the meeting because the doors will be closed to most media, despite the presence of lawmakers from around the country. Read more >

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