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The Environmental Justice Movement Moves Front and Center in the Biden Administration

The voice of environmental justice, once lonely in the wilderness of systemic racism, is now helping shape President Biden’s cabinet with nominees pledging to restore environmental and public health protections dismantled by the previous administration. Read more >

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Acting BLM Director William Pendley at a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on September 10, 2019 Photo: House Natural Resources Committee

William Pendley is Still Bad News—and Still Illegally Leading the Bureau of Land Management

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

Pendley never should have been nominated in the first place. His myriad conflicts of interest and his very opposition to the mission of the agency he was nominated to lead should have disqualified him from the beginning. That makes it all the more troubling that the administration is illegally continuing Mr. Pendley as the effective acting administrator of the BLM despite withdrawing his nomination. Read more >

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White House/Flickr

150 Attacks on Science and Counting: Trump Administration’s Anti-Science Actions Hurt People and Communities Nationwide

, Research Analyst

Suppressed studies. Muzzled scientists. Disbanded scientific advisory committees. These are some examples of the gross violations of scientific integrity that the Trump administration has carried out during its 3½ years in power. At the Union of Concerned Scientists, we have been tracking these attacks on science since day one and our tracker has now hit a new, grim milestone – the Trump administration has so far engaged in more than 150 attacks on science, far exceeding the attacks recorded during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations. Read more >

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A Thank You to FOIA Officers: Purveyors of Sunshine

, Senior Analyst

This sunshine week I would like to express my appreciation for all of the work that Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) officers at federal agencies have done and continue to do to ensure public access to government communications, records, and documents. Read more >

Andrew Bossi/CC BY-SA 3.0 (Wikimedia)
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Photo: Pete Markham/Flickr

With the Public Distracted, Interior Department Moves Full Speed Ahead on Oil and Gas Leases

, Climate scientist

Interior Secretary Bernhardt and his staff are using the pandemic crisis as an excuse to sideline science, shut down advisory committees, and sell off oil and gas leases at discount prices without sufficient environmental review. Here’s what they should be doing instead. Read more >

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