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New UCS Report: Companies Can Anonymously Influence Climate Policy Through Their Business and Trade Associations

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

Today we release our new report, Tricks of the Trade: How Companies Influence Climate Policy Through Business and Trade Associations. In the report we found that many companies choose not to be transparent about their affiliations with trade and business associations, even when the information is publicly available. In addition, we found that when companies did choose to disclose their trade group board seats, many claimed to disagree with their associations’ positions on climate change, raising questions about who trade groups are actually representing on climate policy. Read more >

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Why Are Electric Companies Standing on Their Own Ignorance to Block Solar Savings? Because the Regulator Lets Them.

, Senior energy analyst

Whether the electric utilities like it or not, more people are using solar energy for electricity than ever before. And they are saving money at the same time. A federal rulemaking about streamlining the process for connecting small solar energy supplies to the grid reveals the real issues: Solar is causing competition and utilities are slowing the policies that can lower consumer costs. Read more >

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