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Endangered Science: Why Global Warming Emissions Are Covered by the Clean Air Act

, Policy Director and Lead Economist, Climate & Energy

Signs are clear that climate science is going to come under attack in a Trump Administration—and scientists are ready and willing to fight back and speak up for the facts. One major cause for concern: the nomination of Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator, despite his questioning of the facts about climate science. Mr. Pruitt should know that the agency he has been nominated to lead has in fact clearly articulated the scientific basis for climate change, and the role of carbon emissions from fossil fuels as a major driver. Read more >

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A Case Study in Scientific Integrity: The Science Behind Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards

, former science policy fellow

Last week, the administration delayed the release of a proposed rule on the regulation of global warming emissions from power plants. This came on the heels of a decision to withdraw a science-based standard for ground-level ozone pollution. Read more >

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