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Massachusetts State House J. Rogers/UCS

Massachusetts’s New Climate Law: 5 Reasons to Celebrate!

, Senior Bilingual Energy Analyst

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March marked a major milestone for equitable climate policy in Massachusetts: After years of efforts and following two vetoes by Gov. Charlie Baker, the legislature passed a long-awaited bill addressing climate change, advancing environmental justice and boosting clean energy and clean transportation. The difference this time is that the bill was successfully signed into law by Governor Baker on March 26. Read more >

J. Rogers/UCS
Adrienne Hollis/UCS
Photo by Derrick Z. Jackson
Anthony Eyring/UCS
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The Oregon State Capitol Oregon Department of Transportation/Flickr

Will Oregon Join the Race to 100% Clean Energy?

, Western States Energy Manager and Senior Analyst

Climate change touches on so many parts of our lives, and the impacts of climate change have been especially devastating over the past year. But there are some signs of hope – like what’s happening in Oregon. This year, Oregon’s legislature has the opportunity to adopt a 100% clean energy target. Read more >

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Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

What to Look for on Clean Energy During Midwest 2021 State of the State Addresses

, lead Midwest energy analyst

Here are some things to look for in the 2021 Midwest governors’ state of the state speeches, as well as key clean energy developments generally in Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota. Read more >

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Will Congress Let Clean Energy Momentum Stall Out During COVID?

, director of gov't affairs, Climate & Energy

While Congress provided federal assistance to some industries early into crisis, they have completely ignored others, like the clean energy industry. Read more >

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Struan Fraser/Flickr

Better Ways of Valuing Energy Efficiency in Minnesota and Beyond

, lead Midwest energy analyst

Today, the Union of Concerned Scientists released a new report on ways to better value the benefits of energy efficiency. Our report, Energy and Emissions Benefits from Minnesota Energy Efficiency Investments, focuses on improving the analytical approach to how Minnesota utilities value energy efficiency but is broadly applicable to other states as well.

Read more >

Struan Fraser/Flickr
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