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Why Solar-with-Storage is a Leap Forward

, Senior energy analyst

Falling costs for both renewable energy and batteries has led to amazing offers to build hybrid plants. In regions where utilities seek contract price bids from new plants, renewable-storage hybrids are winning in side-by-side competition with conventional power plants. Understanding energy storage has become all the more important as the current wave of power plant proposals pair storage with renewables. Read more >

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President Trump Badly Losing his War on Federal Funding for Clean Energy

, director of gov't affairs, Climate & Energy

President Trump is not a fan of clean energy. Some might even say that he’s declared “war” on clean energy by trying to prop up uneconomic coal, appointing pro-fossil FERC Commissioners, stalling permits for offshore wind, and his annual budget requests which gut federal clean energy investments.

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Gage Skidmore/Flickr
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How States Can Make Energy Storage Work for Communities

, senior energy analyst

Know of a state where policy might be moving on energy storage? Or a lawmaker interested in the potential for storage to improve people’s lives? Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) new policy brief, “How to ensure energy storage policies are equitable,” offers a policy roadmap for clean energy champions to design ways to stimulate greater deployment of energy storage—in ways that put the needs and interests of communities first. Read more >

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A wide range of stakeholders from across the country met in December 2018 to develop a set of principles to ensure equitable deployment of energy storage technologies. (Photo: Megan Rising/UCS)

Ask a Scientist: How to Ensure Underserved Communities Benefit from Energy Storage

, senior writer

This month’s Ask a Scientist column takes a look at how the revolution in energy storage technology has the potential to wean the United States off fossil fuel-powered electricity and—if implemented correctly—lower residential electric bills, strengthen resilience to power outages, and clean up the air in communities where dirty power plants are usually located. Read more >

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Residentes of East Boston protesting Eversource's proposed substation GreenRoots

Open Letter Demands Clean Energy Alternative to Risky Eversource Substation

, energy analyst

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This is the fourth of a four-part blog series on East Boston, a Controversial Substation, and Opportunities for a Clean Energy Transition.  

In recent weeks via this blog we have explored a proposal from Boston-area electric utility Eversource to locate a risky high-voltage substation in a densely populated neighborhood in East Boston. We have covered the characteristics of East Boston and the range of environmental justice issues it faces, the community’s concerns around the project, and our own analysis of a local clean energy alternative.

This blog post is aimed at the decision-makers who are tasked with determining the wisdom of allowing the project to proceed, or of requiring more information and a more reality-based exploration of risks and opportunities. Below is an open letter from Juan Ramos, a Union of Concerned Scientists colleague and a resident of East Boston, asking the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) to listen to the people of East Boston; to base their decision on up-to-date, transparent, and sufficient data; and not to approve the current substation proposal from Eversource. Add your name to this open letter! Read more >

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