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Preparing for the September 20, 2019 Global Climate Strike in Boston, MA.

Environmental Justice in 2019: Impacts and Anniversaries

, Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist

This is the third and final blog post in a series on environmental justice milestones, anniversaries, and impacts in 2019. Read more >

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Activism and Action in 2019, a Banner Year for Environmental Justice

, Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist

This second blog in a series on environmental justice milestones looks at significant EJ actions and activism in 2019. Read more >

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State and Federal Action on Environmental Justice in 2019: A Year of Milestones

, Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist

We cannot close out 2019 without acknowledging some of this year’s many significant events focused on environmental justice, vulnerable populations and climate change. There have been many milestone events that should be acknowledged and/or celebrated, and to that end I have created a 3-part series focused on some of these actions.

This first post presents activities that have occurred at the federal and state levels. Read more >

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Michigan Should Reject DTE’s Integrated Resource Plan, Here’s Why

, lead Midwest energy analyst

After hundreds of pages of expert testimony (including testimony from UCS), thousands of public comments, and two rounds of legal briefing, a Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) administrative law judge will issue a recommended decision later this month on whether DTE’s integrated resource plan should be rejected, modified, or approved. UCS and numerous other stakeholders are urging the MPSC to reject DTE’s flawed resource plan and direct the company to redo its analysis. Here’s why. Read more >

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Residentes of East Boston protesting Eversource's proposed substation GreenRoots

Open Letter Demands Clean Energy Alternative to Risky Eversource Substation

, energy analyst

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This is the fourth of a four-part blog series on East Boston, a Controversial Substation, and Opportunities for a Clean Energy Transition.  

In recent weeks via this blog we have explored a proposal from Boston-area electric utility Eversource to locate a risky high-voltage substation in a densely populated neighborhood in East Boston. We have covered the characteristics of East Boston and the range of environmental justice issues it faces, the community’s concerns around the project, and our own analysis of a local clean energy alternative.

This blog post is aimed at the decision-makers who are tasked with determining the wisdom of allowing the project to proceed, or of requiring more information and a more reality-based exploration of risks and opportunities. Below is an open letter from Juan Ramos, a Union of Concerned Scientists colleague and a resident of East Boston, asking the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) to listen to the people of East Boston; to base their decision on up-to-date, transparent, and sufficient data; and not to approve the current substation proposal from Eversource. Add your name to this open letter! Read more >

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