The Terrible Thing about EPA’s Restricted Science Rule that We Aren’t Talking About

, Research Analyst

Alarmingly, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is attempting to choke off the science that can be considered in the policymaking process in a way that will almost certainly hamper the efforts to monitor and protect people from environmental health hazards throughout the US, but especially in underserved communities. The EPA is about to release a new supplement to its restricted science rule, which will pose incredible harm to the science used throughout the agency and could result in endless analyses at the EPA that stop science-based decisionmaking in its tracks. Read more >

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The back-end of several cars in traffic polluting the air with tailpipe emissions.

Ultrafine Particles are an Emerging Environmental Health Risk

Doug Brugge, PhD, MS, Professor and Chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences, , UCS

Ambient particulate matter air pollution (PM) is one of the top ten causes of illness and death in the world.  While PM pollution is worse in many developing countries, it remains a problem in the United States as well.  Many people in the US may not be aware of the magnitude of the problem because the levels of pollution that present a health risk include concentrations that are usually not readily visible. Read more >

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Notable Moments from the Hearing on EPA’s Proposal to Sideline Science

, Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

The House Science Committee yesterday held a hearing on EPA’s horrendous proposal to sideline public health research when it makes decisions. I livetweeted the hearing, as did UCS’s Allison Cain and NRDC’s John Walke. There were several revealing moments that tell us more about EPA’s strategy, highlight the forces behind the proposal, and emphasize the continued and sustained opposition from scientists.

Read more >

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EPA office building with agency flag

Five Things to Yell About in the EPA’s New Opaque “Transparency” Supplemental Rule

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

The Trump administration is making a bad proposal worse as a leaked draft comes to light of the Environmental Protection Agency’s soon-to-be-released supplemental proposal to their so-called Transparency Proposed Rule. Read more >

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Updated Restricted Science Rule Spells Reanalysis Paralysis for the EPA

, Lead science and policy analyst

Instead of listening to over a half million comments and abandoning a truly harmful rule, the EPA has forged ahead with its restricted science proposal, according to the New York Times reporting of a supplemental notice that exposes many of the flaws of the original proposal in high definition. Read more >

Photo: mediaphotos/iStock
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