EPA Standards

Scientific Advice for the New EPA Carbon Emissions Standards: Let’s Clear the Air

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

This month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published proposed new standards limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions from new electricity generating power plants using coal or natural gas. Allegations of secrecy and political interference in science began to surface even before the proposal was released. So do these allegations have any merit? Read more >

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The EPA Delays Carbon Standard – What Does It Mean for Our Energy Choices?

, Senior energy analyst

State decisions on new power plants are even more critical while the EPA holds back its release of carbon standards for new power plants. Read more >

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Momentum Builds for a Cleaner, Healthier Energy Future

, former president

It can sometimes feel like we are stalled or at best moving too slowly towards truly tackling the climate challenge. But, then, just as I start to feel that way I hear from people around the country who are standing up to call for action and I know we’ll meet the challenge. Read more >

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