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With Trump Executive Order, Are Meat and Poultry Plants a COVID-19 Ticking Time Bomb?

, Economist

On April 28, President Trump issued an executive order intended to direct slaughterhouses and meat and poultry processing plants to remain open as critical infrastructure. The order noted that these facilities should follow CDC guidelines to protect workers from COVID-19. However, the guidelines in the order were described as voluntary, and no enforcement mechanism yet exists to ensure that these measures are being taken. Conditions right now are so bad that the AFL-CIO, which represents the nation’s largest labor unions, announced Monday that it is suing the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration for not protecting American workers from COVID-19. We wanted to know how much worse this situation might get. Read more >

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How Environmental Justice Became a Matter of Governance

, Research Analyst

“All my life I’ve been sick and tired. Now I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

One of the leaders of the civil rights movement, Fannie Lou Hamer, famously said these words during the 1964 Democratic National Convention to protest the injustices that the Black community had endured in their fight for the right to vote. In the 1980s and 1990s, her words became a rallying cry for a burgeoning grassroots movement that protested the dumping of environmental hazards on the doorsteps of marginalized communities, called the environmental justice movement. Read more >

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Governor Brown signing SB-100 into law. Photo: Governor's Office

Even More Than 100% Clean: California’s Audacious Net-Zero Carbon Challenge

, director, California & Western States

California is offering a ray of hope for a planet that is facing increasingly terrible impacts from global warming.  Governor Jerry Brown has convened an international climate summit in San Francisco that demonstrates the huge number of jurisdictions both nationally and from around the world, in addition to businesses and industries, religious groups, climate justice advocates, and a lot of scientists, among many others, who are working hard for climate action. Read more >

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Floods in Missouri, 2015.

Trump’s Executive Order Will Make America Flood Again (and Again and Again)

, senior climate scientist

On August 15, Trump signed an executive order, repealing an Obama-era executive order that updated the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard. With ample evidence that climate change puts federal (and other) infrastructure at risk, it is ultimately American taxpayers who will pay the price for building without regard to sea level rise and the impacts of increasing extreme weather. Read more >

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Fighting Back Against Trump’s Illegal “Two for One Rule”

, former president

In the aftermath of President Trump’s disgraceful decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement, we are fighting back today against another presidential order that will do great damage. Read more >

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