Lake Oroville reaches record low levels in 2014 California Department of Water Resources

El cambio climático representa un gran desafío para la gestión del agua en California

, Western States Climate Scientist

A pesar de que algunos políticos siguen ignorando el cambio climático, la ciencia es clara: el cambio climático ya esta aquí, es creado por seres humanos, vienen aún más impactos, y nuestras acciones son importantes.

En este blog destaco varios desafíos que está trayendo el cambio climático para la gestión del agua en California, y cómo el estado y las agencias de gestión de agua pueden responder. Este blog es un resumen de resultados obtenidos a partir de un análisis de proyecciones de modelos climáticos para el estado de California. Los detalles de la investigación se presentan en un artículo científico y en un reporte de UCS titulado Troubled Waters. Read more >

NOAA and California Department of Water Resources
Troubled Waters (UCS Report)
Troubled Waters (UCS Report)
California Department of Water Resources
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Record 2019 Precipitation in Midwest Financially Crushed Farmers

, Climate Vulnerability Social Scientist

This blog post was co-authored by Shana Udvardy.


The year 2019 has been one of climate extremes.

A brutal Memorial Day weekend heat wave broke triple-digit records in many places, 6,000-plus wildfires burned nearly 200,000 acres in California, an “ultra-intense” Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas (as well as other slow-moving destructive storms). To cap this, there were mind-boggling amounts of precipitation dumped on many parts of the United States. Among the hardest-hit areas were the Midwest and South-Central United States, which experienced record flooding that severely hurt agriculture there.  Read more >

Russ Munn/AgStock Images
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USDA Photo by Lance Cheung/Flickr

Farm State Voters See Soil as a Solution to Agriculture’s Woes

, senior analyst, Food and Environment

The Trump administration’s still-fuzzy trade deal with China, announced (as usual) via tweet last Friday, has landed in farm country with a thud. Having endured financial losses and trade uncertainty for nearly two years, farmers have reacted with skepticism and even anger. Read more >

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New Defense Bill Strengthens the Military’s Flood & Energy Readiness and Saves Taxpayer Dollars—All While Addressing Climate Change

, Climate Resilience Analyst

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 (NDAA) builds to the future and reflects the reality of climate change, therefore providing a useful roadmap for Congress as they consider different infrastructure proposals. Read more >

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