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Your Home vs. Winter: Let these “Game of Thrones” Quotes Be Your Guide

, Senior energy analyst

For fans of HBO’s A Game of Thrones, the phrase “Winter is Coming” may evoke a myriad of feelings—anticipation, dread, (déjà vu),…

For those of us in many parts of the US, winter can mean cold days, colder nights, and the higher utility bills to go along with them. So how do we prepare… or deal with the fact that winter is here?

Fortunately, a few choice Game of Thrones quotes—and our book Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living—can get us where we need to be.

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Could the Climate from Game of Thrones Happen on Earth?

, , former scientist and Kendall Science Fellow

The widely popular HBO show, Game of Thrones, features an unusual climate: summers that can last for seven years and winters that span a generation. Could this type of climate happen on Earth? Read more >

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