Gina McCarthy

New EPA Power Plant Rule Shows How Gina McCarthy Is Like Thomas Jefferson at the Dawn of America

, , senior climate scientist

Gina McCarthy, current U.S. EPA Administrator, released historic words this week in a long draft document about national power plant goals. How do they compare to the goals penned by Thomas Jefferson in a much shorter draft document, the Declaration of Independence? Let’s crunch some numbers to find out.  Read more >

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A Peek Inside the Administrator’s Inbox – Some of What’s Waiting for Gina McCarthy as New EPA Administrator

, , executive director

The Senate has finally confirmed Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s choice to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). She starts with a very full plate. I have some personal experience with what lies ahead for Administrator McCarthy; I once directed a federal agency myself.

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AAAS Past Presidents Support Gina McCarthy for EPA Administrator

, director of strategy & policy

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is the nation’s largest scientific association, and publisher of the journal Science. Its president is always a distinguished scientist, elected each year by its nearly 120,000 members. On Monday, 6 of AAAS’s 7 most recent past presidents sent a letter to Senate Environment and Public Works Chair Barbara Boxer and Ranking Member David Vitter, supporting President’s Obama’s nomination of Gina McCarthy as the next administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Read more >

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Dear Mr. President: UCS Letter Outlines Concrete Steps Obama Can Take to Address Climate Change

, former president

Union of Concerned Scientists Board Chair Jim McCarthy and I sent a letter to President Obama to applaud his commitment to address the threat of climate change in his second term and to propose a number of concrete ways he can do so. Read more >

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Tradition of Transparency at EPA

, former science policy fellow

The buzz is that sometime soon the White House is likely to nominate Gina McCarthy as the next administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. I hope the buzz is right. Read more >

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