Trump Administration Endangers the Lives of Health Care Workers

, Research Analyst

Our health care workers are nothing short of heroes. They are choosing to put themselves in harm’s way in order to help others during a pandemic. And yet right now the Trump administration is failing to provide them with the equipment they need to stay safe and healthy. This is unacceptable and unconscionable. The administration—and the nation—must do everything it can to ramp up production of critical protective equipment for health care workers NOW. Read more >

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How the Senate Healthcare Bill Bolsters the Tanning Industry’s Misinformation Campaign

, Senior Analyst

The American Suntanning Association (ASA) and the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA) are trade organizations representing the interests of indoor tanning manufacturers, suppliers and salon owners. The product that these trade organizations sell to customers is artificial UV radiation. The ASA has called itself a “science-first organization” and spouts off so-called scientific information on their website,, designed to correct “misinformation” about the harms of indoor sun tanning. Read more >

Photo: Marco Vertch/CC BY 2.0 (Wikimedia)
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Putting the Interests of Patients First: Conference Endorses Science-Focused Health Care

, sr. Washington rep., Center for Science & Democracy

It’s not often that some of the best and most creative minds in medicine, medical ethics and healthcare all gather in one place. It’s even more rare when all these individuals are gathered together to focus on one problem—undue corporate influence on the treatment of patients in the U.S. Read more >

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