Initiative 1631

Photo: Lindsay/Flickr for the WA King Tide Photo Initiative

Sea Level Rise and I-1631: What’s at stake for Washington?

, senior climate scientist

On November 6th, residents of Washington will be casting their votes on Washington Initiative 1631, also known as the Protect Washington Act. If I-1631 passes, Washington will become the first state in the nation to directly put a price on carbon. The funds raised through I-1631 would be used to promote a cleaner, healthier environment for Washington residents.

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Photo: Lindsay/Flickr for the WA King Tide Photo Initiative
NOAA Tides and Currents
Miller et al. 2018
Photo: Fletcher Sandbeck/flickr
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Voting on I-1631? Here’s How Much Healthier You Could Make Washington’s Climate

, Senior Climate Scientist

The Pacific Northwest has already warmed by at least 1.5°F since the first half of the 20th century. How will I-1631 help? Read more >

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Photo: John Westrock/Flickr

Getting the Facts Right on Washington’s I-1631

, Senior Energy analyst

Oil-backed opposition to 1631 is loudly spreading falsehoods. We’re correcting them. Read more >

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Photo: Troye Owens/Flickr

For Washington Voters, I-1631 is a Chance to Tackle Climate Change Head On

, Senior Energy analyst

The magnitude of the climate challenge is daunting; a constellation of causes and impacts, promising no simple fix. But a new proposal in Washington state has identified a powerful place to start. I-1631, on the ballot this November, is grounded in the reality that to truly address climate change today, it’s simply no longer enough to drive down carbon emissions—communities must now also be readied for climate impacts, including those already at hand, and all those still to come. Read more >

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Washington State Capitol. Photo: Jon Connel CC-BY-2.0 (Flickr).

The Past, Present, and Future of Carbon Pricing in Washington State

, director, California & Western States

Despite what’s shaping up to be a summer of uncertainty in DC, with President Trump’s EPA attempting to dismantle a generation’s worth of science-backed environmental protection and climate progress, momentum is building in Washington state to move forward on innovative climate policy.    Read more >

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