John Oliver

Photo: Union of Concerned Scientists

Hard-Fought Battle over Added Sugar Labeling at the FDA: Public Health 1, Food Industry 0

, senior analyst and program manager, Center for Science and Democracy

At the Partnership for a Healthier America summit this morning, First Lady Michelle Obama announced the Food and Drug Administration’s newest rule. Two years in the making, the final rule will require, among other changes, inclusion of an ‘Added Sugars’ line separate from the total sugar line and a percent daily value for it on the ubiquitous Nutrition Facts label found on the back of all food packages. Read more >

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John Oliver Tells It Like It Is: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Craziness

, , former co-director, Global Security

On Sunday, John Oliver took a look at U.S. nuclear weapons on his HBO show Last Week Tonight. Irreverent as usual, Oliver pointed out the absurdities and dangers of the bloated U.S. arsenal of 4,800 weapons. Read more >

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