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United Nations Panel Says Farmers are a Key to Managing Climate Change

, senior scientist

The IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change on Land paints a harrowing picture of ways in which climate change is already affecting land across the globe, threatening livelihoods, food, energy, water, and other critical resources. Fortunately, in addition to dire warnings, the report emphasized some good news: food and agriculture can play a major role in adapting to and mitigating climate change. Read more >

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Urban sprawl in Nevada. Photo by USDA NRCS

Explaining Land Use Implications of Autonomous Vehicles: Meet Dr. Jonathan Levine

, Kendall Science Fellow

How AVs and other changes in transportation affect sprawl will depend on policies regarding land use. Why is land use policy important in realizing a positive role for AVs in a clean transportation future? Meet Jonathan Levine, a Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Read more >

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Andrea Johnson, part of the research field crew, monitors water quality in a rangeland stream. Photo: Kris Hulvey

Collaboration Between Ranchers and Scientists Leads to Rangeland Management Opportunities

Kristin Hulvey, , UCS

When I arrived in Utah four years ago to start my new research position, I was worried that the political climate would make any form of collaboration among ranchers, government managers, and scientists difficult. I was wrong. Read more >

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Climate-Driven Changes on Federal Lands Could Undercut Clean Power Plan Gains

, senior climate scientist

The US Geological Survey has published the first-ever comprehensive estimate of carbon storage on federal lands under future climate scenarios. Initially, it looks like good news: federal lands are projected to store more carbon in 2050 than they did in 2005. However, a closer look reveals that a big chunk of these gains are dependent on the world staying on a relatively low-emissions pathway. The difference in net emissions from federal lands between high- and low-emissions climate scenarios has the potential to undercut the emission reductions expected under the Clean Power Plan. And going deeper, the study may not account for processes that could release much more carbon into the atmosphere.

Read more >

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Farms, Forests, and Climate Change: Few Opportunities, Many Challenges

, , senior climate scientist

Farmers and foresters already face a great deal of uncertainty in their professions. All it takes is a few weeks of intense drought, a single hailstorm, or an uncontrolled wildfire to destroy the results of their labors, and with it, their livelihoods. Read more >

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