Marsden Farm study

Photo: Matt Liebman/Iowa State University

A Spoonful of Science in Your Surprisingly Powerful Cereal Bowl

, senior scientist

When you think about “farm to table”, what comes to mind? Heirloom tomatoes? Local mixed greens? Farmstead cheese? Whatever it may be, I hope you’ll add breakfast cereal to that list. Yes, breakfast cereal.  Read more >

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Now What? Scientists Call for a Better Way to Invest in the Future of Agriculture

, , Director, Food & Environment

Iowa State University, April 2005. I stood at the front of the classroom, a veteran of 25 years of teaching at one of the nation’s front-line agricultural institutions, and I was trying hard not to show my disbelief. The young man who had just spoken was a superstar student and, like most agriculture students in Iowa, came from a farm. He’d just heard a team of fellow students report on the grass-fed beef system of the Argentine pampas, and his first reaction was to ask: “Cattle can really eat grass?” Read more >

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