Las instalaciones solares compartidas se han convertido en una alternativa para brindar acceso a la energía solar para todos permitiendo sacar ventaja de las economías de gran escala. (Fuente: Wikimedia)

Acceso equitativo a la energía solar en Massachusetts, en manos del Senado

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ACTUALIZACIÓN (6/15/18): Triunfo! Anoche el Senado de forma unánime aprobó un robusto y comprensivo Proyecto de Ley de energía y clima. El estado puede sentirse orgulloso este Proyecto de Ley. Ahora a triunfar en la Cámara de Representantes!

ACTUALIZACIÓN (6/13/18): El Senado está votando una Ley sobre energía limpia mañana. Si vive en Massachusetts contacte su Senador/a y haga oir su voz. Puede enviarle un email (en inglés acá) o aún mejor, llamarle (números telefónicos acá).

La energía solaren Massachusetts ha ayudado a que las familias que tienen acceso a ésta disminuyan sus facturas de electricidad, a que el aire que respiramos en el estado sea más saludable, a generar más de 11.000 empleos y a que quienes quieren contribuir con sus acciones en la lucha contra el cambio climático tengan un aliado en los páneles solares para generar electricidad. Read more >

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Massachusetts’s Clean Energy Economy: What the Legislature Needs to Do Now

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Here are four things that need to happen to get some good clean energy legislation over the finish line in MA… Read more >

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Photo: Derrick Z. Jackson

A Great Day for Offshore Wind: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey All Go Big

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Offshore wind power is a powerful, plentiful resource, but that doesn’t mean that it’s been a slam dunk in terms of getting it into the US electricity mix. Movement forward on offshore wind in three different states, though, made yesterday a day to celebrate. Read more >

Photo by Derrick Z. Jackson
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FEMA and HUD Budgets are Vital for Disaster and Climate Preparedness

, lead economist and climate policy manager

Last year’s record-breaking disasters—including hurricanes, wildfires and floods—were a reminder of how climate change and faulty development policies are colliding to create dangerous and costly outcomes for the American public. While much attention is focused on post-disaster recovery, we need to invest much more in preparing for disasters before they happen. The good news is that the omnibus budget deal recently passed by Congress appropriated significant funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help foster community resilience, in many cases undoing steep cuts that had been proposed by the Trump administration. Read more >

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Clean Energy Leadership: Next Steps for Massachusetts

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

In 2016, the Massachusetts legislature laid the groundwork for important progress on clean energy with the passing of the Energy Diversity Act. But now it’s 2018, and there’s a lot more work to be done. And the legislative session is nearing its end.

Fortunately, the path is clear: We need to fix our renewable energy targets, make solar work for everybody, and send clear signals about where we need to head on clean energy and climate. Read more >

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