Scientist in the Field: On the Ground in Flooded Florida Neighborhoods

, climate scientist

In some cases children couldn’t get to their school bus stops. One resident had to walk through contaminated flood waters and subsequently had a leg infection. Another resident told me that in order to take the trash out, she had to cover her legs in garbage bags. There are already so many stories of people struggling to deal with tidal flooding. Read more >

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How to Prepare for Sea Level Rise: Follow New Hampshire’s Lead

, former science communication officer

New Hampshire has the nation’s shortest coastline, at less than 20 miles, but don’t let that statistic fool you: when scientists count its bays, tidal rivers, and salt marshes, they tally more than 230 miles of so-called inland tidal shoreline. These areas are vitally important for New Hampshire’s economy, especially when it comes to tourism and shipping. They’re also vulnerable to coastal flooding, which is why the state is using the best available science to plan for the future, including rising seas. Read more >

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