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A Brief History of Electric Cars: What A Long, Electric Trip It Has Been

, Senior vehicles engineer

This week, thousands of people across the U.S. are checking out the future of driving at National Drive Electric Week events. You can find events near you—and get a chance to ride in or drive an electric car—by checking the event website. The event has grown since the first Plug-in Day in 2011 as the number of electric models on sale has gone from 3 to about 20.

So how did we get here? Electric cars have seen big advances in the past five years, but the journey to today’s electric cars stretches back a century, and it’s a fascinating story. The details are laid out in the new book “Car Wars” by John Fialka, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and the founder of ClimateWire. Read more >

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California Charging Ahead With Support For Electric Vehicles

, , Senior vehicles engineer

In August, the California legislature passed SB1275, known as the Charge Ahead California Initiative, designed to bring 1 million electric cars to California by 2023. Authored by State Senator Kevin de León, the new law extends important current incentive programs and expands access to clean transportation for lower income Californians. If signed by Governor Brown, Californians will enjoy cleaner air and cleaner cars over the next decade. Read more >

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How Clean are Electric Cars? A Life Cycle Assessment of Advanced Vehicle Technologies

, , former engineer and Kendall Science Fellow

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity in the United States and policies to encourage EV sales are implemented, significant research has been done on reductions in global warming emissions and oil use associated with operating them. This includes research published in the Union of Concerned Scientists’ report State of Charge. However, the broader impacts of EV production and recycling remain less well characterized, and are important when assessing the total environmental impact of consumer vehicle choices. Read more >

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New 2015 Electric Vehicle Models on the Horizon

, , Senior policy and legal analyst

It’s National Drive Electric Week, and events are being held across the country that will showcase the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and highlight the many benefits of driving on electricity. Check out where events are near you, and head on over to test drive an electric vehicle, talk with EV owners, and learn more about this exciting technology that can help cut our nation’s projected oil use in half in twenty years. Looking to help out with an event? There are plenty of volunteer opportunities too. Read more >

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How do EVs Compare with Gas-Powered Vehicles? Better Every Year….

, research and deputy director, Clean Vehicles

UPDATE February 2020: Driving the average EV is responsible for fewer global warming emissions than the average new gasoline car everywhere in the US. Read our latest analysis, “Are Electric Vehicles Really Better for the Climate? Yes. Here’s Why.”

As we embark on the 4th annual National Drive Electric Week, U.S. electric vehicle (EV) sales are approaching a quarter million, and 20 plug-in models are now available in at least some parts of the country. This represents a major advancement from the first introduction of the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf plug-in electric vehicles in model year 2011. Read more >

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