New NOAA Data Shows Just How Abnormal Our Climate Has Become

, senior climate scientist

Two seemingly disconnected announcements over the last few weeks are giving us a glimpse of what “normal” looks like right now in terms of our climate. In reflecting how profoundly we’re altering our climate system, NOAA’s new 30-year “climate normals” clearly show how “normal” ain’t what it used to be. And the latest report from the International Energy Agency reminds us that “normal” isn’t always a state we should be longing for. In fact, we should be pushing back hard against what’s normal right now to give our kids some semblance of a recognizable climate in the future. Here are four things to think about when considering what a “normal climate” means. Read more >

Torley Linden/flickr
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Censorship of Federal Environmental Agency Websites Under Trump: What We Learned and How to Protect Public Information Moving Forward

Gretchen Gehrke, Marcy Beck, Eric Nost, Shannan Lenke Stoll, , UCS

A review of thousands of web pages from federal agencies, including the EPA, NASA, and NOAA, found that the use of the term “climate change” decreased almost 40 percent between 2016 and 2020. Establishing better web governance policies is a central piece of regaining and retaining the public’s trust and restoring faith in the scientific integrity of federal agencies. Read more >

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What I Told CNN: A Climate Denier Shouldn’t Be Leading at NOAA

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just appointed a climate denier to an agency leadership position. I went on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer yesterday to explain why the appointment of Dr. David Legates is dangerous for NOAA, for the future of federal climate change leadership, and for the public. Here’s why this appointment is a reckless move. Read more >

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Photo: Sam Beebe/Flickr

Don’t Say COVID-19: Fishermen and Women May Pay With Their Lives

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

NOAA Fisheries has instructed its staff not to mention or explicitly refer to the COVID-19 pandemic or coronavirus in any communications. Now fishermen and women, already engaged in one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, will be less aware of coronavirus-related risks. Read more >

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A Thank You to FOIA Officers: Purveyors of Sunshine

, Senior Analyst

This sunshine week I would like to express my appreciation for all of the work that Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) officers at federal agencies have done and continue to do to ensure public access to government communications, records, and documents. Read more >

Andrew Bossi/CC BY-SA 3.0 (Wikimedia)
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