The 78%: The Majority of Orangutan Habitat in Borneo is Under Threat

, , former policy analyst, Tropical Forest and Climate Initiative

On a recent trip to Chicago, I took some time to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo. The highlight for me was the Great Apes Hall, and while I enjoyed seeing the chimps and the gorillas, they didn’t have the ape I was hoping most to see, an orangutan. It may not be too surprising that there are no orangutans in Chicago in winter, but even in their native habitat they are increasingly difficult to find, as their populations have declined by 50% on Borneo and 80% on Sumatra. A recent paper published in the online journal PLOS ONE helps shed some light on the current distribution of those few remaining wild orangutans. Read more >

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Two 16-year-old Girl Scouts Win First Ever UN Forest Heroes Award

, senior climate scientist

An effort begun by two Girl Scouts at age 11 linked orangutans with Girl Scout Cookies. Read more >

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