Photo: Vasiliki Volkova/Unsplash

Oregon Climate Impacts: 2019 is The Year for Bold Climate Legislation

, Climate Scientist

In the last decade or so, Oregon has endured destructive wildfires, reductions in snowpack, and declining fisheries.  First responder and resident Oregonian communities alike still vividly recall the devastation brought by the 2003 B&B Complex wildfire. Although the Beaver State had a good 2018 ski season, snowpack this winter is more than one-quarter down from what has in the past been considered ‘normal’. Ocean acidification is killing oyster and plankton in farms along the Oregon coast.

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Photo: Vasiliki Volkova/Unsplash
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Sea Level Rise Will Make Oregon’s Existing Flooding Problems Worse

, senior climate scientist

In 2013 Annie Pollard opened her pub, the 7 Devils Brewing Co., in Coos Bay, Oregon. Less than two years later, the pub flooded during a heavy rain that coincided with a high tide, and Pollard found herself stacking sandbags and mopping up floodwaters. While high tide flooding is relatively infrequent in Coos Bay, when it does occur, businesses like Pollard’s are at risk, and inundated roads cause traffic in town to snarl. Pollard and other business owners are acutely aware that such floods could become a much bigger problem for Coos Bay in the future. Read more >

Rob More for the Oregon King Tides Photo Project
Oregon Global Warming Commission
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Cap-and-Invest: A Key Tool to Help Oregon Fight Climate Change

, Western states policy manager

With the Trump administration undermining federal action to address climate change, states like Oregon are stepping up to protect the planet for future generations. Read more >

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How the Oregon Rebate for Electric Cars Works

, Senior policy and legal analyst

The rebate for electric cars in Oregon can save drivers up to $10K, or even more on their next purchase. Find out how to get the rebate, and how it works. Read more >

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Switching from gasoline to electricity not only reduces emissions, it can save money on fuel.

Oregon Legislature Can Boost Electric Car Sales

, Senior vehicles engineer

The Oregon legislature has the opportunity to boost electric vehicle sales in the state and deliver benefits to all Oregonians by passing pending legislation for electric vehicle incentives in House Bill 2704. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a critical solution to cutting oil use, improving air quality, and reducing global warming pollution. For Oregon drivers, EVs offer fuel savings. Read more >

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