Evelyn Katingi and Tsehay Gashaw of the International Livestock Research Institute working on their laptops at a conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Photo: ILRI\Zerihun Sewunet

American Prosperity Depends on International Science: Our Border Policy Should Reflect That

Tyeen Taylor, , UCS

At first, the new ‘laptop ban’ sounded like a minor nuisance. This is a part of a recent executive order prohibiting large electronics as carry-on items on flights to the U.S. from eight countries in northern Africa and the Middle East. Only when I saw a Facebook outburst from my American colleague in Africa did it become clear how even a small encumbrance like this can cast a devastating blow to science. Read more >

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Moraine Park Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Partnerships to Protect Fragile Mountain Ecosystems

Aaron Piña and Jill Baron, , UCS

If you are a cow, Colorado is an ideal place to be. Colorado’s climate is sunny and dry, and these characteristics have helped make the state fourth in the nation for numbers of cattle in feedlots. Weld County, just east of the Colorado Front Range mountains, is the fifth most livestock-rich county in the United States—beef and dairy, swine, sheep, chickens—and produces as much waste as 24.5 million people. Read more >

Photo: Frank Schulenberg/CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia
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College/Underserved Community Partnership Program: Building a Better Tomorrow through the Power of Partnerships

Michael W. Burns, Senior Advisor for the Regional Administrator
, , UCS

What if there was a federal program that connected universities and underserved communities to work together to address critical issues? Would you be surprised if I told you that program already existed? What if I told you that program was created in part to improve the efficiency of government spending—would that shock you? Read more >

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