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Two USDA researchers looking at a row of vegetables

3 Research Questions Could Hold the Key to Sustainable Eating

, Senior Analyst, Food Systems and Health

Food is more than just nutrition. We also know that food can affect the health of many people before it even reaches our plates. For example, pollution caused by fertilizer runoff from farms have left communities without access to safe drinking water, while many of the people who produce our food don’t earn enough to afford healthy diets themselves. So, is it possible to eat in ways that promote health and produce better outcomes for our collective wellbeing, livelihoods, and natural resources? And what would it take to get us there? These are complex questions, but critical ones—and if the federal government made it a national priority to answer them, we might have a chance at avoiding otherwise devastating consequences. Read more >

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U.S. Army photo by Luis A. Deya

500,000 US COVID-19 Deaths and Counting: A Shameful Public Health Failure

Our nation’s failed response to COVID-19 should long perforate our pomposity about being the greatest nation on earth. Read more >

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The Oregon State Capitol Oregon Department of Transportation/Flickr

Will Oregon Join the Race to 100% Clean Energy?

, Western States Energy Manager and Senior Analyst

Climate change touches on so many parts of our lives, and the impacts of climate change have been especially devastating over the past year. But there are some signs of hope – like what’s happening in Oregon. This year, Oregon’s legislature has the opportunity to adopt a 100% clean energy target. Read more >

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Photo: vodograj/shutterstock

Long Overdue COVID Worker Protections Would Still Save Hundreds of Lives

, Senior Analyst, Food Systems and Health

When President-elect Biden takes office next week, his fledgling team must begin to right a mountain of wrongs as the pandemic continues to rage. Read more >

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Spenser Withans/Unsplash

About the Siege of the US Capitol

, Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist

I want to make sure that everyone realizes that what passed for Democracy before the January 6, 2021 events was already under fire. Because systemic, toxic racism runs through our nation like blood in the body. But yesterday was so much more. It touched us—it touched me—on a soul-deep level. More importantly, it did something else… Read more >

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