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A New Day for Science: President Biden’s Big Plan for Scientific Integrity And What Comes Next

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

Today, the Biden Administration releases a presidential memo on scientific integrity and evidence-based policymaking, setting the stage for the administration’s efforts to build back from the Trump administration’s unprecedented assault on science and strengthen protections for science and scientists across the government. This is big and it puts science on the agenda like never before. Here’s my take on today’s bold actions and what we should watch in the coming months and years. Read more >

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On Children’s Environmental Health Day: A Checklist for Defending Science and Protecting Kids

, Senior Analyst

Today is Children’s Environmental Health Day— a day organized by the Children’s Environmental Health Network and supported by a long list of organizations committed to advocating for policy change that prioritizes children. Earlier this year, our report Endangering Generations outlined some of the policy decisions made in recent years that have ignored the science and walked back progress in protecting children’s environmental health and wellbeing. Read more >

Children's Environmental Health Network
Children's Environmental Health Network
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A UCS Guide to Involving the Public in Rulemaking

Today, the Union of Concerned Scientists is releasing its second batch of fact sheets to guide federal agencies toward science-based decisionmaking. One of these fact sheets, “Public Participation in Rulemaking at Federal Agencies,” focuses on how agencies can involve individuals and communities across the US in the regulatory process in 2021 and beyond. Read more >

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Image: Farah Khan/House9 Design ©Union of Concerned Scientists

New Issue Brief: Strengthening Public Input on Solar Geoengineering Research

, Solar Geoengineering Research, Governance and Public Engagement Fellow

UCS has published a new issue brief that looks at the essential role of public participation for solar geoengineering research and provides recommendations for decisionmaking on atmospheric experiments. Read more >

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