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Nine Trendy Words for the Trump Administration’s Attacks on Science

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

Eighteen months ago, I wrote a blog called the ABC’s of Sidelining Science by the Trump Administration because there were so many examples of this administration’s disregard for scientific process and evidence that I could readily/easily fill out the alphabet. I thought of updating my alphabet-of-wrongdoing at the end of 2019, but then thought it would be more helpful/interesting/etc. to instead utilize a great resource that Merriam-Webster, the dictionary people, put online called “Trending Words in the News.” While these are cool words that appear in news stories, my intent is to use them in descriptions of recent science-related actions by the Administration. Read more >

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Trump Administration Dramatically Reduces Penalties for Auto Inefficiency

, senior vehicles analyst

In a Friday news dump last week, the Trump administration announced that they will be finalizing a reduction in fines for missing fuel economy targets. Not only is the administration working to roll back the strong standards set in place by the previous administration currently driving efficiency improvements across new vehicles, but now they are letting automakers off the hook if they miss targets between now and when that rollback goes into effect.

This action is par for the course for this administration, which is doing whatever it can to increase pollution and oil use. Read more >

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Photo: Yvette Arellano/TEJAS

New EPA Guidance Stands to Increase Hazardous Air Pollutants in Environmental Justice Communities

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency reversed long-standing guidance that helps limit hazardous pollution such as mercury and lead from major sources like power plants, large industrial facilities and vehicles. The end result? Potentially, the biggest increase in hazardous air pollution this country has seen in decades, and environmental justice communities are likely to bear the brunt of it. Read more >

Photo: Yvette Arellano/TEJAS
Photo: swanksalot/Flickr 
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