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Torrential Rain during the World Cup in Brazil, while the U.S. Midwest Floods

, , climate scientist

In the hours before yesterday’s World Cup football match between the U.S. and Germany, the Brazilian city of Recife was hit by a torrential downpour. A coastal city of 1.5 million people, Recife is used to high humidity and rainfall.  But with streets flooded to waist level in some places, players, officials and fans had a tough time even making it to the stadium for the game. Read more >

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Obama’s Commencement Speech on Climate Change: A Graduation Day to Remember

, , Director, Climate & Energy

Commencement speakers have mostly been in the news lately for the speeches they didn’t give. Most of the speeches are dull and formulaic. President Obama bucked the trend and made headlines with a speech at UC Irvine laying out an impassioned case for action on climate change. Read more >

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