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Science is Alive and Well in Maine

Ivan J. Fernandez, Professor and Scientist, , UCS

Over the past four years in the United States there has been an undeniable weakening of the role that science plays in climate change policy and beyond. Here in Maine, the prior governor all but halted efforts to address climate change in Maine despite the evidence at hand. However, if we have learned anything from COVID-19, it is that when the forces of nature and society line up, for good or bad, things can happen fast. Read more >

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Christopher Michel

The Evidence is Clear: The US Public Wants Science-Based Policies for COVID-19

You would think that after 190,000 COVID-19 deaths, the Trump administration might finally develop a national strategy to control spread of the coronavirus. No. Instead it foists on us a new member of the coronavirus task force with no expertise in infectious disease or epidemiology. Read more >

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Mike Olliver

Expanding Professional Development Opportunities for Scientists Beyond the Lab

Lida Beninson, Senior Program Officer, and Tess Doezema, Doctoral Candidate in the Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology, , UCS

We live in an age where the world and its population seem fragile and vulnerable, yet at the same time, full of radical potential. Millions of people face life-threatening opioid addiction, the global climate continues to worsen, voting infrastructure has been compromised, and the security of our health and financial data has been undermined. On the plus side, alternative energy technologies are becoming cheaper and more widely adopted, our understanding of gravitational waves is unfolding, quantum computing is becoming a reality, and nearly every country in the world has agreed to achieve a set of ambitious sustainability goals. A thread connecting all of these issues, good and bad, is science policy. Read more >

Mike Olliver
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Scientists Examine Melting Ice

US Companies, Are You Serious about Climate? Here’s How You Prove It

, climate accountability campaign director

Update 10/31/2019: Adds new final paragraph

Today, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and ten other organizations that engage with businesses on environmental issues are setting new standards for corporate leadership on science-based climate policy.

Published as an open letter in The New York Times, the framework includes three essential actions that businesses serious on climate action must take:  Read more >

Victoria Mills
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I Am a 30-Year Veteran Scientist from US EPA; I Can’t Afford to Be Discouraged

Rita Schoeny, , UCS

. . . And neither can you.

Since January, we have seen a continual assault on our environmental protections. EPA has put a political operative with no scientific experience in charge of vetting EPA grants, and the agency is reconsidering an Obama-era regulation on coal ash. The well-established legal processes for promulgating environmental regulations, and—very pointedly—the science underlying environmental regulation are being jettisoned by the Trump administration. As scientists, we must stand up for science and ensure that it is not tossed aside in public policy and decision-making. Read more >

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