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Worried for Government Science? So Are We.

A few weeks ago, my colleague chronicled a milestone for our organization and the country: We had just recorded the federal government’s 150th attack on science, carried out by the officials and agencies tasked with defending science. Today, we mark another milestone: The release of our recommendations, for 2021 and beyond, to undo the damage from these attacks and bolster protections for government science.

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A Roadmap to Restore Science in Government Decisions

, Research scientist

We do not have to live in a constant state of fear that our health is being put at-risk. We can restore and strengthen science-based decision-making processes that are protected from political interference. Today, we are releasing our first set of recommendations providing a roadmap for how the federal government can restore science back to decision-making processes. Read more >

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Louisiana National Guard member prepares to do COVID-19 screening
Louisiana National Guard

Roundup: Without Federal Coordination, Many States See Rising COVID-19 Cases

Liz Borkowski, , UCS

The second three months of 2020 saw some progress in the fight to control the COVID-19 crisis, but with a vacuum of consistent, science-informed federal leadership the US became one of the few countries to see its case numbers plateau rather than drop—and case counts are now growing with alarming speed in states that relaxed standards too quickly. Read more >

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Cost of Hiding Energy Supplies

, Senior energy analyst

Planning for reliability is increasingly watchful of times other than the summer peak. That planning, and the policies, prices, and market responses that follow, are all better served by having more information about actual conditions, rather than less. Read more >

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The White House Scrapped the Science on Trichloroethylene—So We’re Urging the EPA to Investigate

When Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientists concluded that the chemical trichloroethylene (TCE) causes fetal heart defects, even at low doses, officials at the White House overrode their conclusions—an egregious example of political interference in science, and a violation of the EPA’s scientific integrity policy. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) submitted a formal complaint to the EPA, urging the agency’s scientific integrity office to investigate. Read more >

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