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The EPA’s Rule to Restrict Science Could Compromise Your Confidential Research Data

, Research Analyst

On March 3, the EPA announced that they will issue a supplement to the misleading-titled “Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science” rule, open to a 30-day comment period, which appears to be just as restrictive, if not more so, than the original rule. Read more >

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A Dangerous Approach: Lawmaker Proposes Changes to How the National Science Foundation Funds Science

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

The targeting of specific government grants has become old hat in Washington DC, an easy way to score cheap political points. Targets have included fruit fly research in Paris, studies of duck genitalia, and research involving shrimp on a treadmill, but in all cases, further investigation has shown that the seemingly odd projects have direct ties to real-world applications. These skirmishes have now escalated into power grabs that serve to undermine entire fields of research. Read more >

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Dismal Science at the Wall Street Journal

, director of science & policy

UPDATE January 30th 2:50 PM (see at bottom of post)

The Wall Street Journal today published an opinion piece from 16 scientists urging candidates for public office to ignore the looming threat of climate change. While it’s entirely appropriate for scientists, like all citizens, to voice their personal opinions on public policy, the op-ed repeated a number of deeply misleading claims about climate science. Read more >

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