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How Securitization Can Help Achieve a Just Transition for Coal Communities

, senior energy analyst

Over the years, I’ve written and spoken extensively about the urgency of providing a fair and equitable transition for coal-impacted communities as we collectively move towards a clean energy economy. This includes not just the workers at the coal-fired power plants, but also the mine workers that feed those plants, as well as the communities surrounding those plants and mines that depend on the coal industry for their economic livelihoods. Given the scale of the climate crisis, it is imperative to drive down greenhouse gas emissions and transition to clean energy as quickly as possible. But the cost of this transition should not be borne solely by coal communities and workers, not does it have to be. By coupling clean energy commitments with the careful and targeted use of a powerful and somewhat lesser known financial tool called securitization, states can do both: accelerate the transition to clean energy and ensure that impacted coal workers and coal communities don’t get left behind.

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Photo: WildEarth Guardians/Flickr
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New Mexico Commits to 100

, Senior Energy analyst

This is where the dazzling new policy that commits New Mexico to 100-percent carbon-free electricity begins: at an uneconomic coal plant, and a bankrupt coal mine, with a collection of workers and communities careening toward change. Read more >

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