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Massachusetts’s Clean Energy Economy: What the Legislature Needs to Do Now

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Here are four things that need to happen to get some good clean energy legislation over the finish line in MA… Read more >

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Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class(SW) James Kimber, U.S. Navy

The US Military, Resilient Energy, and the Zombie Apocalypse

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

A recent analysis from my colleagues at the Union of Concerned Scientists showed US military bases aren’t just on the front lines of homeland defense. They’re also, in a lot of cases, on the front lines of climate impacts. Rising seas and storm surges don’t stop for checkpoints and can threaten the energy supplies that military missions depend on. To understand how the pieces all fit together for our armed forces, I checked in with Wilson Rickerson and Michael Wu, cofounders of Converge Strategies, LLC, a resilience and advanced energy consulting company, about the intersection between the US military, clean energy, and resilience. And about how the Zombie Apocalypse comes into play. Read more >

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Photo: Recurrent Energy

For a Moment, 50+ Percent of CA’s Energy Came From Solar

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

On March 4, 2018, solar in California broke a record. Then, on the 5th, it broke another one. Read more >

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Installing solar panels in PA

3 Takeaways from the Latest Solar Results

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

The official industry solar results for 2017 have just been released, and as always there’s a lot to process. Here are three takeaways that jump out. Read more >

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3 preguntas y respuestas sobre la energía solar: ¿qué?, ¿por qué?, y ¿cómo?

, energy analyst

Ver la energía del sol siendo aprovechada para producir electricidad a través de páneles solares es algo que encuentro profundamente fascinante. El sol es una fuente inagotable de energía, y su uso para producir electricidad proporciona múltiples beneficios, desde generación de empleos, estabilización de e incluso ahorros en la factura de electricidad para sus consumidores, y mejoras en la salud y el medio ambiente porque es una fuente de energía limpia.

Mas, ¿de qué se trata esta tecnología? ¿Cuáles son sus beneficios? Y, ¿cómo podemos tener acceso a ella? ¡Acá les cuento!

Read more >

Getty Images/Mint Images/Bill Miles
Photo: Black Rock Solar/CC BY 2.0, Flickr
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