Photo by Nathan Waters
Photo by Nathan Waters

Ask a Scientist: What Should a Post-Pandemic Economy Look Like?

, senior writer

Predictions about when the economy will rebound, however, miss a bigger point. Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic—like all pandemics—will eventually come to an end, but what kind of an economy coming out of it would be best for the country? What lessons will we learn from the pandemic, if any? I spoke to one of UCS’ economists, Climate and Energy Program Policy Director Rachel Cleetus, who has been thinking about the kind of economy the United States should build going forward. Read more >

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Photo courtesy Jim Horn/Flickr

As COVID-19 Reveals Our Food System’s Flaws, Congress Can Boost Protection Now—and Resilience for the Future

, senior analyst, Food and Environment

If we didn’t know it before—or had forgotten—the escalating pandemic and its widening economic ripple effects are hammering home the reality that our world is full of risk and uncertainty. Preparedness is paramount. Resilience is essential. And apart from the nation’s healthcare system, nowhere is this more apparent right now than when it comes to keeping ourselves fed, as food producers, workers, and consumers alike face mounting threats to their health and well-being.

Because the system wasn’t designed to protect them.

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