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Take me Home, Country Roads: New Study on Clean Transportation Strategies in Rural Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

, Senior vehicles engineer

A new study from M. J. Bradley & Associates, together with Union of Concerned Scientists, shows how rural communities in four states, Maine, Maryland, Vermont and Virginia, can benefit from clean transportation solutions, resulting in significant economic gains and reduced global warming emissions. Savings on fuel and maintenance can be significant, particularly for low-income households where expenditure on fuel and maintenance is larger as a percentage of the household budget than for their urban counterparts. One study shows that rural households spend 7 percent more of their budget on transportation. Read more >

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The Transportation and Climate Initiative, Explained

, former policy analyst

Twelve states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic along with DC are proposing to invest billions every year for the next decade in clean transportation under a new policy framework released today by the Transportation and Climate Initiative (or “TCI”).

TCI is a collaboration of twelve states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Together the states of the TCI region represent a population of 72 million people with a GDP larger than any country other than the United States and China.

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