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On Cars, Trucks, and Beauty in the Backcountry: 4 Lessons from a Summer Roadtrip

, , senior vehicles analyst

For my big summer vacation this year, I spent over a week traveling the mountain west, crossing four states (South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho), traversing eight national monuments and parks, and racking up over 2300 miles. Because even when I’m on vacation I can’t stop thinking about transportation, I thought I’d share a few observations from the trip: Read more >

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Smog, Soot, and Sulfur, Oh My!

, director of Clean Vehicles

With all the focus on DC dysfunction these days, it’s nice to celebrate something good happening in Washington that will help us all breathe a little easier. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled its new tailpipe and fuel standards today, a critical step aimed at improving air quality and public health. Read more >

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