Profiles in Cowardice: Toyota, GM, and Fiat Chrysler Join the List

, executive director

Toyota, GM, Fiat Chrysler, and other members of the so-called “Coalition for Sustainable Automotive Regulation” have thrown sustainability (and any green credentials) out the window and joined Trump administration efforts to gut existing environmental standards. Read more >

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A blue 2020 Toyota Prius on a back road

Toyota is Siding with Trump – I’m Just One of Many Angry Prius Owners

, Senior manager of govt. affairs

Dear Fellow Prius Drivers –

Were you as mad at Toyota as I was when you learned that they are actively undermining the Clean Air Act by siding with the Trump administration as they attack state authority and undermine emissions standards?  If so, you are not alone.

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Toyota Newsroom
2018 EPA Automotive Trends Report, Figure 2.4
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Toyota Cries Over Climate Change While Their Trade Groups Cry Over Climate Policy

, Senior policy and legal analyst

Don’t be fooled by this ad Toyota is running during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Read more >

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Off-shoring Opposition To Vehicle Fuel Economy: Toyota Stalls Mexican Standards

, research and deputy director, Clean Vehicles

What’s the bestselling car in California? For the first 9 months of 2012, it was Toyota’s family of Prius hybrids. One might assume that a car company with such a successful vehicle efficiency technology — a technology they recently announced will be in as many as 21 models by 2015 — wouldn’t stand in the way of  making more efficient vehicles available to millions of car buyers in Mexico.  Well think again. Read more >

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