Big Rigs, Big Benefits; How Strong Rules Will Clean Up the Road

, former president

Tractor trailers go about six miles on a gallon of diesel, a number that has barely budged since the 1970’s. This shocked me the first time I heard it, and I imagine that many of you have the same reaction. After all, so many other products—passenger cars, light bulbs, refrigerators—are so much more efficient now, why not trucks? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Read more >

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What Makes a Car a Truck and Why it Matters for Fuel Economy

, research and deputy director, Clean Vehicles

When I was growing up, we called vehicles like the Honda CRV, the Toyota Rav4, and the Ford Escape “station wagons.” But that’s not very cool today, so instead they are called “crossover” vehicles—a mix between an SUV and a car. Read more >

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