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Our experts and analysts weigh in on the latest developments in the Trump administration.

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From Profound Conflicts of Interest to a Blind Eye for Harassment, Barry Myers Is the Wrong Choice for NOAA

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

Myers’ nomination is now approaching a vote on the Senate floor to confirm him as NOAA administrator. NOAA and the nation don’t deserve an unqualified and conflicted nominee that turns a blind eye to sexual harassment. Read more >

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EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler Photo: USDA/Flickr

Uncharted Territory: The EPA’s Science Advisors Just Called Out Administrator Wheeler

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

Yesterday the EPA Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) published a letter to Administrator Andrew Wheeler and acknowledged the group has inadequate expertise to conduct an essential review of the health impacts of particulate matter and ozone. We are now in uncharted territory and the EPA is in a tough position. Here are some key highlights from the letter and their implications. Read more >

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Lyntha Scott Eiler/Flickr Photo: Lyntha Scott Eiler/Flickr

Prodded by Coal Industry, the EPA Decides Mercury Is Fine, Just Fine. Remind Them: It’s Not.

, Energy analyst

Under the direction of Andrew Wheeler, the EPA is proposing to find that mercury, a potent neurotoxin that can ruin a person’s fair shake at life before they’re ever born, is neither appropriate nor necessary to regulate from coal plants—by far mercury pollution’s largest source. You have until Wednesday, April 17 to submit a public comment and share your opinion on this toxic proposal. Read more >

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Photo: GaryAlvis/iStock

 Xenophobia Run Amok at the National Institutes of Health

, executive director

What’s happening at NIH is wrong—and should set off alarm bells in the scientific, medical, and public health communities. Good science does not depend on passports, nationality, or citizenship. Read more >

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Nine Reasons to Oppose the Trump Administration’s Proposed SNAP Changes

, Food Systems & Health Analyst

Spoiler: it could leave hundreds of thousands of unemployed and underemployed adults unable to meet their basic needs. Read more >

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