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Louisiana National Guard member prepares to do COVID-19 screening
Louisiana National Guard

Roundup: Without Federal Coordination, Many States See Rising COVID-19 Cases

Liz Borkowski, , UCS

The second three months of 2020 saw some progress in the fight to control the COVID-19 crisis, but with a vacuum of consistent, science-informed federal leadership the US became one of the few countries to see its case numbers plateau rather than drop—and case counts are now growing with alarming speed in states that relaxed standards too quickly. Read more >

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Photo: eranicle/Shutterstock

COVID-19 and Worker Safety: An Absence of Federal Leadership Is Putting Lives at Risk

, executive director

Our nation’s system for safeguarding the health and safety of working people is in crisis. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has gone from hampered to virtually absent in the face of a pandemic that has killed or sickened tens of thousands of health care and other essential workers. It’s an agency missing in action and essentially AWOL. Perhaps this should come as no surprise. Since its inception, the Trump administration has taken a wrecking ball to public health protections, favoring private over public interests, employers over working people, and profits over the health and safety of people. Read more >

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Scientists Prevail in Lawsuit Against EPA Science Advice Ban

, Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

In a win for independent science, the EPA said yesterday that it will rescind a policy banning many of the nation’s top environmental scientists from serving on the agency’s science advisory committees. The agency was under court order to remove it. Read more >

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Photo: Kaur Kistjan/Unsplash

Climate Scientists Confront a Culture of Fear and Self-Censorship in Government Agencies

, Climate scientist

I strongly believe that unbiased government science is an essential part of the public good, and needs our civil servants to be fierce guardians of it. After being quoted in an article from the New York Times about the war on climate science and what those within our federal agencies are doing (or not doing) to protect the science from censorship, I wanted to share some further thoughts on it all. Read more >

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A Second Wave of COVID-19 Looms Large—and It’s Not Because of Protests

The potential health impacts of protests pales in comparison to the rioting of the virus and the looting of lives incited by the incompetence of the Trump administration and state decisions to prioritize reopening for business over public health. Read more >

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