Understanding the Budget

The federal budget determines what programs get funded—and what gets cut. Unfortunately, the current administration is targeting some of the most effective agencies and programs working on public and environmental health. Explore the issues by reading the posts below, and make sure to let your legislators how you feel by calling their offices and speaking at town halls (here is a list of upcoming events).

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What’s Tax “Reform” Got to Do with Science and Public Well-being?

, director of strategy & policy

What’s been largely overlooked are the negative impacts of this tax plan on the public science enterprise and the well-being of all Americans. Read more >

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How President Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts Would Harm Early Career Scientists

, Research scientist

Kaila Colyott is coming close to graduation as a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Kansas, but she’s not finishing with the same enthusiasm for her career prospects that she began graduate school with.  At the beginning, she wasn’t particularly worried about getting a job after graduation. “I was a first generation student coming from a largely uneducated background. I was pretty stoked about doing science, and I was told that more education would help me land a job in the future.” Read more >

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President Trump’s Budget Leaves Workers Behind

, executive director

Budgets reflect priorities; they also reflect values. And the Trump Administration has signaled where it stands loud and clear via its agency appointments (Scott Pruitt, need we say more?) and its FY18 budget proposals. We have already said plenty about what the proposed cuts to the EPA budget mean for public health and the environment.

Read more >

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Heat Waves and Wildfires Signal Warnings about Climate Change (and Budget Cuts)

, Policy Director and Lead Economist, Climate & Energy

Southern California and the Southwest US are experiencing a significant heat wave this week. More than 29 million people in California alone are under an excessive heat warning or heat advisory.

If you live in areas affected by this heat wave, please follow health advisories to stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay safe. And watch for wildfire advisories while you’re at it. Read more >

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Some Tough Questions for Rick Perry at DOE Budget Hearing

, director of gov't affairs, Climate & Energy

A look into the Trump administration’s proposed budget for the Department of Energy reveals a war on renewable energy, cuts to our national labs, and reduced capacity for federal R&D, science, and innovation. Read more >

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