William Pendley

Gas flaring from an oil drilling site in San Juan County, New Mexico. Photo: John Fowler/Flickr

As Oil Prices Crash, BLM Wants to Open Up Public Lands in New Mexico for More Extraction

, Climate scientist

BLM leadership has chosen to use the current public health crisis to muffle the voices of people living near the public lands the agency is supposed to protect. The agency recently announced a plan to proceed with oil and gas extraction efforts in northern New Mexico, including in an area near Chaco Canyon National Historical Park Read more >

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Acting BLM Director William Pendley at a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on September 10, 2019. Photo: House Natural Resources Committee/YouTube

Recusal Is Not an Excusal: William Pendley and Conflicts of Interest at the BLM

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

The acting director of the BLM is deeply conflicted, unqualified, and fundamentally opposed to the mission of the agency he is leading. Read more >

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