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What’s Driving Deforestation Now?

, scientific adviser, Climate and Energy

UCS has just created a new set of web pages summarizing the latest scientific information on the drivers of tropical deforestation. Even though we published a 120-page book about this issue, The Root of the Problem, just five years ago, there is so much new information that what we wrote then is rapidly becoming out of date. And some of these new studies have changed scientists’ minds about the problem in important ways. Read more >

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What Wood You Do: Solutions for Deforestation-Free Wood Products

, former policy analyst, Tropical Forest and Climate Initiative

I’m writing this post from the back porch of my parent’s house (even on vacation there is no rest for a Concerned Scientist). Away from the glass, steel, concrete, and brick of Washington, DC, here I realize I am immersed in a world of wood. Read more >

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The Lacey Act: Protecting the Protector

, former policy analyst, Tropical Forest and Climate Initiative

Question: Which U.S. law that protects endangered species, tropical forests, and U.S. jobs is now in need of  protection itself?

Answer: The Lacey Act.

For the last 100 years the Lacey Act has protected endangered species within the United States by making it illegal to transport them across state lines. In 2008, the act was amended to include a ban on the importation of illegally harvested timber from foreign countries. Now these amendments are under attack in Congress.

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Science shows that voting by mail is safe and secure

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