Youth Climate Strike

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Adults Behaving Badly: Climate Edition

, Economist

Young people shouldn’t have to organize a global climate strike. That’s our job. Read more >

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From Scientist to Activist

Heather Price, , UCS

No one wants to sacrifice time and energy or become a political prisoner. Yet sacrifice of time and freedom by the great activists (MLK Jr, the suffragettes, Rosa Parks, etc…) was required to effect change. And they did not act alone. Thousands marched and sacrificed with them. You can too. Join a climate action near you on Sept 20, 2019: the Global Climate Strike. Everyone is needed. Read more >

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Fellow Parents, Why Supporting the Climate Strike is What It’s All About

, Senior analyst, Climate & Energy

Friends, If you are weighing whether to support your child in striking this Friday during the global climate strike, can I have a minute? First, let’s put this on the table: it’s not easy being a parent, and in the era of climate change, it’s unnerving.

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The Climate Strike Is On. We Will Be There.

, president

The Union of Concerned Scientists supports the youth climate strike because we believe in this movement and its power and potential to make a meaningful difference in the climate fight. We believe in the inspiring youth who rise and demand action at this most critical time. And we will support and fight with them to protect their future, their climate, and the planet they will inherit. Read more >

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Photo: Omari Spears/UCS

Striking for Global Climate Justice

, Policy Director and Lead Economist, Climate & Energy

The global climate strike on September 20th is likely to be the biggest global climate action to date. My kids and I will be joining the strike in New York City and we’ve been talking a lot about what this moment means. It’s incredibly powerful to see the young people leading these strikes recognize the global nature of the challenge and the need to center justice in how we address it.  Read more >

Photo: Omari Spears/UCS
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