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Kristina Dahl is a climate scientist who designs, executes, and communicates scientific analyses that make climate change more tangible to the general public and policy makers. Her research focuses on the impacts of climate change--particularly sea level rise--on people and the places and institutions they care about. Dr. Dahl holds a Ph.D. in paleoclimate from the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Cambridge and Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

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New Interactive Map Highlights Effects of Sea Level Rise, Shows Areas of Chronic Flooding by Community

A new interactive map tool lets you explore when and where chronic flooding–defined as 26 floods per year or more–will force communities to make hard choices. Here’s how to use it. Read more >

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Pelicans in Alameda. Photo:

The San Francisco Bay Area Faces Sea Level Rise and Chronic Inundation

Sea level rise will affect the Bay Area. A new study by UCS projects when will flooding happen regularly, and what areas will affect to help communities prepare for the changes to come. Read more >

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Pelicans in Alameda. Photo:

El área de la bahía de San Francisco enfrenta aumento del nivel del mar e inundación crónica

El aumento en el nivel del mar también afecta a la costa oeste. Un nuevo estudio de UCS proyecta en qué fechas las inundaciones serán frecuentes y muestra las áreas más afectadas para ayudar a las comunidades a prepararse para los cambios por venir. Read more >

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The Summer of Floods: King Tides in June, July, August…

Here in San Francisco, we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love with art installations, walking tours, and magic buses. But artists in Charleston, South Carolina, are documenting a very different sort of season: a Summer of Floods. South Carolina is expecting king tides for nine of this year’s twelve months. Read more >

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Beliefs Won’t Save Tangier Island, Virginia, From Sea Level Rise—Informed Preparedness Will.

On Tuesday, President Trump called James Eskridge, the mayor of Tangier Island, Virginia, and told him that sea level rise isn’t an issue for Tangier, one of the most threatened communities in America.

My heart sank as I read it, and I was reminded of how our core beliefs are so central to our worldviews–and how we all struggle to accept evidence that challenges them.

Read more >

Data source: Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2016
Dahl et al. 2017
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