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We need to fix our broken food system—and science can help us do it. UCS food experts highlight solutions to ensure that every American has access to healthy, green, fair, affordable food.

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Who’s Responsible for Palm Oil Deforestation—Small Farmers or Big Companies?

, sr. scientist & dir., Climate Research and Analysis

In recent days, with massive fires in Southeast Asia again creating the dangerous haze that endangers the health and lives of millions, we’ve seen the recurrence of the claim that fires and deforestation are caused by small farmers, not big companies and their plantations. Read more >

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Trick or Treat: U.S. Kids’ Sugar Intake Will Surely Scare You!

, food systems & health analyst

Think ghosts and goblins are scary? How about the fact that U.S. children consume five times the amount of sugar recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, but only about one-third the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables? Read more >

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Good Food Advocates Come to Washington to Talk with Policymakers

, food systems & health analyst

Last month, I had the opportunity to join 14 Good Food Advocates in meeting with key White House policy advisors, senior staff at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and members of Congress and their staff to discuss the importance of food equity in the United States. For those who might be wondering, “What is a Good Food Advocate?”, they are local leaders working to make good food—food that is healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced under fair work conditions—available to all people in their community. Read more >

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Why Aren’t Presidential Candidates Talking about Food and Agriculture?

, Fellow, Food & Environment Program

With the first Democratic debate a week behind us and the election still over a year away, we’ve entered a long but important window to influence campaign conversation.

In last week’s debate, the candidates spoke for 101 minutes during which gun control was mentioned 40 times. Russia and Syria followed in a tight second with 36 mentions, clocking in above the economy, which got called out 30 times. The health of Americans—or more specifically, healthcare—came up less than half as frequently, but still garnered 13 mentions.

How many times did the candidates mention food or agriculture? Read more >

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Carandale Farm, Oregon, WI: Colleagues from UCS, the Savanna Institute, and I tasting seaberries with farmer, researcher, and owner Dale Secher. Dale researches non-traditional fruit crops that can support more sustainable, local food systems.

The ABCD’s of Agroecology: What Is It All About?

, agroecologist

What makes agroecology so great (as I have said before!) is that it combines the best of two time-tested disciplines, ecology and agriculture, to pursue solutions for a healthier world. The list of experts who have agreed that agroecology can address many major challenges keeps growing, but what is this really all about? Read more >

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