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King Tide’s Gift: Gentle Awakenings to a Rapidly Changing World

, senior analyst, Climate & Energy Program

If this is how we on the coasts get accustomed to living in a climate-changed world—literally “getting our feet wet”—I think we can count ourselves lucky. Because there are much harsher ways to wake up to our changing world. Read more >

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Coastal Planning Failures: Rising Seas Can Worsen Inequities

, senior climate scientist

The State of the Climate in 2015 assessment, just released by the American Meteorological Society, has confirmed that 2015 clocked in with the highest global sea level for Earth over the satellite record period. Read more >

NOAA Climate.gov
Figure by Brenda Ekwurzel adapted from data in report by Zillow
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
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The National Flood Insurance Program Must Be Improved: 5 Ways to Promote Climate Resilience

, lead economist and climate policy manager

If you own a home along the coast or elsewhere in a floodplain, you may have heard of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). What you may not know is that this program doesn’t just provide insurance; it is also critical for how we assess risks and help protect people and property in flood-prone areas.

The NFIP is up for Congressional re-authorization in September 2017, and it’s time to consider changes that would make the program work better, especially in light of growing development in floodplains and climate change. Read more >

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Scientist in the Field: On the Ground in Flooded Florida Neighborhoods

, climate scientist

In some cases children couldn’t get to their school bus stops. One resident had to walk through contaminated flood waters and subsequently had a leg infection. Another resident told me that in order to take the trash out, she had to cover her legs in garbage bags. There are already so many stories of people struggling to deal with tidal flooding. Read more >

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We Need to Hit Net Zero Emissions ASAP: Here Are 5 Indisputable Reasons Why

, senior climate scientist

Recent science and new developments have highlighted the urgency of reducing global warming emissions to “net zero” as soon as possible. Read more >

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