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Sr. Washington rep., Center for Science & Democracy

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Celia Wexler is a senior Washington representative for the Scientific Integrity Initiative at UCS. A former award-winning journalist, Wexler is the author of Out of the News: Former Journalists Discuss a Profession in Crisis, published in 2012 by McFarland. At UCS, Wexler’s issue portfolio includes food and drug safety, protections for scientist whistleblowers, and government transparency and accountability. See Celia's full bio.

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Why I Have the January Blues

I will be very happy when the month of January is over. The blizzard that now is paralyzing the Washington, D.C. seems an apt metaphor for what is happening on Capitol Hill. In Washington, a blizzard of bad ideas threatens to cripple our generations-old bipartisan framework of laws enacted to keep American families and our environment safe. Read more >

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Waiting Game on the Budget: Will the Cockroaches Prevail?

As I am writing this blog, it is Friday afternoon, December 11. Congress should have passed the spending bills for government operations for the 2016 fiscal year by October 1. Instead, faced with the prospect of a government shutdown, lawmakers approved a short-term bill to fund the government until December 11. Today is the deadline for that funding bill. And yet we are still playing the waiting game. Read more >

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A Holiday “Gift” We Could Do Without

To most of us, December is a time for cookies, gifts and holiday parties. But if your job is advocating for science and democracy in Washington, D.C., the month of December is far less cheery: This is the time for a budget showdown. Read more >

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Bad Riders Try to Hitchhike on the Highway Bill

If you thought legislation that ensures that the government continues to repair our roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure is one of those bipartisan “feel good” opportunities for Congress, you haven’t been in Washington, D.C. lately. Read more >

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Despite All the Evidence, Congress Wants to Weaken Public Protections

It seems that a week doesn’t go by when we are not reminded that our regulatory process leaves us exposed to hazards. It could be a fertilizer plant explosion, like the West, Texas disaster in 2013 that took 15 lives, injured 200, and caused millions of dollars of damage, an explosion later deemed by the federal Chemical Safety Board to have been preventable. Read more >

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