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Genna Reed is a lead senior analyst in the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In her role, she researches political and corporate influences on science-informed decision making—working to inform the public about issues where science is stifled or obscured, and to ensure that federal, state, and local policies are based on rigorous, independent science. See Genna's full bio.

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Appointing Qualified Government Officials Isn’t Rocket Science: Here’s How To Do It

President Trump is intent on leaving the federal government in a difficult position, strapped for resources and capacity at a time when there is critical work to do to respond to a range of threats, from COVID-19 to climate change. There are many things the Biden administration can do early in 2021 to help remedy the damage done, but in particular, the appointment of independent, qualified, experienced leaders of federal agencies can speed up the necessary renaissance. Read more >

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As the Trump Administration’s Tiny Windows Close, Giant Doors Open for Science Advice

In his first week as president-elect, Joe Biden instituted an advisory board of experts to provide science-based recommendations to respond to COVID-19. This could be a signal that independent science advice under a Biden administration is valued. After four years of watching the norms of science advisory structures eroded and undermined, especially at the EPA, it is hard to visualize the possibilities of a government informed by experts. Read more >

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U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Ericka A. Woolever

What to Expect at FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting

On Thursday, October 22nd, the Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee will meet to discuss the development of COVID-19 vaccines and the FDA expects tens of thousands of people to attend virtually. I’ve studied and attended a good number of science advisory committee meetings, so I’ve put together some answers to questions you might have in advance of Thursday’s meeting. Read more >

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On Children’s Environmental Health Day: A Checklist for Defending Science and Protecting Kids

Today is Children’s Environmental Health Day— a day organized by the Children’s Environmental Health Network and supported by a long list of organizations committed to advocating for policy change that prioritizes children. Earlier this year, our report Endangering Generations outlined some of the policy decisions made in recent years that have ignored the science and walked back progress in protecting children’s environmental health and wellbeing. Read more >

Children's Environmental Health Network
Children's Environmental Health Network
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Jesse Springer/UCS

We Told OMB Why EPA’s So-Called Transparency Rule Is a Trap

Yesterday, our team at the Center for Science and Democracy met with the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to discuss EPA’s yet-to-be-released final rule, Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science. We participated in a 12866 meeting, which is an opportunity for stakeholders to meet with the White House’s regulatory review arm while they make final changes and decisions about agency rules. Read more >

Jesse Springer
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