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Genna Reed is a lead science and policy analyst in the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In her role, she researches political and corporate influences on science-informed decision making—working to inform the public about issues where science is stifled or obscured, and to ensure that federal, state, and local policies are based on rigorous, independent science. See Genna's full bio.

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A Biased Science Board Threatens Future Fetal Tissue Research

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to risk our lives and livelihoods, our government assures us it’s doing everything it can to develop treatments and vaccines. Instead, it’s using every play in an anti-science playbook to defund research and block medical researchers from making safe and effective discoveries. Read more >

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After Formal Request, EPA Gives Experts Limited Time to Apply for Advisory Committees

Last month, UCS—along with Earthjustice, Environmental Defense Fund, International Society for Children’s Health and the Environment, Natural Resources Defense Council, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Protect Democracy—requested that EPA reopen nominations for positions on its advisory committees with openings and reinstate advisors to committees from which they were removed after its illegal directive was implemented in 2017. Read more >

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EPA’s Chance to Get Science Advice Right

The EPA should get science advice from the most qualified experts, and they have a golden opportunity to make that happen. Today, the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists and several other public interest organizations formally asked EPA Administrator Wheeler to reopen the nominations process for its advisory committees to solicit nominations of individuals EPA previously deemed ineligible to serve because of their receipt of EPA grant funding, and to reinstate individuals to committees from which they were unjustifiably removed.  Read more >

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Woman standing outdoors in protective mask, with newspaper headlines about COVID-19 surrounding her

Don’t Be Deceived: How to Spot and Stop COVID-19 Disinformation

Today, UCS launched a new online resource with tips on how to spot and stop the spread of disinformation around COVID-19. Disinformation (intentionally false or misleading information) is especially dangerous when it happens during a public health crisis. Its spread can undermine the recommendations of public health officials, for example, making people less likely to take science-based precautions that protect their health and diminishing their trust in expert guidance. Read more >

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Photo: Alexandra Koch/Pixabay

As Schools Plead for COVID-19 Safety Information, White House Politicizes CDC Guidance

In the latest example of how the Trump administration is monumentally botching the response to a public health emergency, the president called the CDC’s guidance for safely reopening schools too“ tough” and “expensive” and even threatened to cut funding from schools that were planning virtual instruction. In response, CDC head Dr. Robert Redfield suggested that the guidance was indeed “guidance, not requirements” and that it shouldn’t be used to justify keeping schools closed. By restricting what CDC scientists can recommend on how to open schools safely, the Trump administration is heightening the risk to children, their families, and their teachers of contracting a potentially deadly disease. Read more >

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